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Innovative Solutions



Uncover the cutting-edge safety app developed by JT THORPE that revolutionizes risk mitigation and ensures a safe project environment. Witness the comprehensive features and functionality of JT THORPE Safety that enable real-time reporting, hazard analysis, safety documentation review, and proactive risk reduction, keeping your project secure and your team protected

Innovative Scaffolding Design Solutions

Experience Virtual and Augmented Reality with our Advanced Scaffold Design App

Short text: With the utilization of Avontus software, JT THORPE provides cutting-edge scaffolding design services, offering 2D and 3D renderings as well as immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences and Augmented Reality (AR) views, allowing you to visualize and navigate your scaffolds before construction begins.



Discover how JT THORPE’s revolutionary scaffolding tracking app, JT THORPE Inspect, empowers you with real-time tracking, detailed reporting, and seamless project management. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our innovative app that transforms the way you track and manage your scaffolding projects.


HEX-ALT™: Refractory Anchoring Redefined

Patented Precision for Peak Performance

JT Thorpe’s patented HEX-ALT™ anchor and refractory anchoring system and process are protected under US Patent Nos.10,857,616 and 11,850,688. Both patents describe JT Thorpe’s proprietary HEX-ALT™ anchor, a plurality of HEX-ALT™ anchors, and a method of installing a plurality of HEX-ALT™ anchors in a hexagonal pattern. The HEX-ALT™ anchor comprises a singular folded metal plate comprising a stem that comprises at least one triangular section to be welded to a backing surface and a folded stem base and a branch section comprising two branches, wherein the singular metal plate is folded together at the stem base, such that the stem of the HEX-ALT™ anchor is twice as thick as the two individual branches.

The HEX-ALT™ anchors arranged in a hexagonal pattern and the process of applying the plurality of HEX-ALT™ anchors to a backing surface are patented under US Pat. No. 10,857,616.

The individual HEX-ALT™ anchor and the combination of the HEX-ALT™ anchor and ceramic ferrule are patented under US Pat. No. 11,850,688.

Advanced Heat Induction Welding Solutions

Efficient and Reliable Welding with Induction Technology

Our team employs state-of-the-art heat induction welding techniques, enabling fast and effective preheating of steel and direct stud welding of anchors onto the material. This advanced technology ensures efficient and reliable welds, enhancing project timelines and structural integrity.

Hydro Demolition

Fast and Safe Refractory Removal

Our team utilizes advanced hydro demolition techniques to swiftly and safely remove refractory materials. By employing high-pressure water jets, this method eliminates the need for manual chipping, ensuring enhanced safety and significantly accelerating the removal process. With speeds 4-5 times faster than traditional methods, our hydro demolition technology maximizes efficiency and minimizes project timelines.

Streamline Your Project

Complete Tracking, Scheduling, and Planning

Effortlessly track and manage the progress, schedule, and planning of your projects.

Daily Inspection

Conduct regular inspections and stay updated on the daily status of project components.

Material Tracking

Keep a detailed record of materials used, ensuring accurate inventory management.

Planning and Estimating

Efficiently plan and estimate project requirements, enabling better resource allocation.

Load Rating

Monitor and assess load capacities to ensure structural integrity and safety.

Equipment and Materials Needed

Stay informed about the specific equipment and materials required for each project.

Daily Audits

Conduct regular audits to maintain compliance and quality standards.

Utilization and Reconciliation Reports

Generate reports on resource utilization and perform reconciliations for accurate project monitoring.

Productivity Reports

Track and evaluate project productivity to identify areas of improvement and optimize performance.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Monitor and measure key performance indicators to gauge project success and identify areas for enhancement.

QC Tracking

Our comprehensive quality control procedures ensure meticulous tracking and management of fireproofing in both shop and field, with project-specific hold points and easy access to sign-offs and documents.

Production & Piecemark Tracking

Our custom online tracking database allows real-time monitoring of steel member progress in both shop and field fireproofing activities, accessible from anywhere, including mobile devices.

Shop Fireproof Tracking

We implement quality control procedures/ITP's for shop fireproofing, with project-specific hold points and sign-offs, allowing progress tracking through various parameters such as piecemark, sequence, truck in/out, dates, delivery, process step, and fireproofing type.

Field Fireproof Tracking

Our team ensures quality control in field fireproofing through established procedures and ITPs. The database tracks project-specific hold points, generating quality control sign-offs. Progress monitoring encompasses various aspects, such as piecemark (joint/equipment), unit or area, process step, and fireproofing type.

Scaffolding Tracking

Our resource-tracking and report-generating app, available 24/7, allows customers to access real-time project details and generate reports, providing complete tracking, scheduling, planning, daily inspection, material tracking, planning and estimating, load rating, equipment and materials needed, daily audits, utilization and reconciliation reports, productivity reports, and KPIs.

Safety Tracking

Our safety app provides up-to-the-minute reporting, hazard analysis, and safety documentation review for clients, helping them reduce risk potential. It generates daily reports of job site risks, facilitates tailored briefings and safety meetings, tracks daily safety, and enables quick external reporting and communication for both clients and employees.