From our beginning as a refractory contractor for the oil, energy, petrochemical, cement, mining and metal industries, we have grown to become recognized experts in a wide variety of services such as lead abatement, abrasive blasting, immersion grade linings and protective coatings.

JT THORPE specializes in abrasive blasting, lead abatement, linings and coatings of tanks, pipes, pumps, structural steel, concrete and process equipment. We provide substrate preparation, coatings and linings applications, WFMT inspection, UT inspection and various other applications.


JT THORPE specializes in abrasive blasting as a method of substrate preparation for the application of coatings and linings, fireproofing, lead abatement, WFMT inspection, UT inspection, produce anchor profile for installation of refractory, substrate decontamination, concrete and other applications.

JT THORPE utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to provide dry abrasive blasting, wet blasting, vapor blasting, recyclable steel grit and shot blasting, dry ice blasting and more.

Specialty Coatings

JT THORPE has extensive experience applying the widest variety of protective coatings including organic and inorganic zinc rich coatings, high performance engineered Epoxy, siloxane coatings, polyurethane coatings, high-temp coatings, thermal insulating coatings, moisture cured urethane coatings, acid resistant coatings, temperature indicating coatings, secondary containment coatings and more. JT THORPE also provides the application and painting of tank and equipment labeling.

Tank Linings

JT THORPE has extensive experience applying the widest variety of liquid linings such as novolac epoxies, polyamid epoxies, glass flake Reinforced epoxies, polyamine epoxies, polybrid linings, polyurea linings, fiberglass linings, vinyl ester linings and more for all types of tanks including steel, concrete, rail tank cars, potable water tanks, truck tankers, railcar tanks, secondary containments and vaults.

Lead Abatement

JT THORPE provides safe, efficient lead abatement utilizing different methodologies including chemical stripping, hand and power tools, vacuum blasting, recyclable steel grit blasting and full encapsulated equipment with negative air flow.

JT THORPE offers additives to the abrasive media to mitigate lead leachability and in most cases recycling the spent media to minimize cost of disposal.

DOT Regulated Terminals and Pipelines

JT THORPE has extensive experience working in DOT regulated terminals and pipelines. Specializing in application of underground pipe coatings and wrappings, tank coatings and linings, weather and UV protective coating application on pig launchers, loading racks, concrete vaults, above ground piping and equipment.

Following all of the relevant federal DOT rules and regulations to work in these facilities to complete projects safely, on time and in compliance with all requirements.

Blastrak Blast and Recovery System

JT THORPE owns numerous Blastrak machines to provide high quality surface preparation on large metal and concrete surfaces. Equipment utilizes steel grit and steel shot in different sizes to provide the necessary anchor profile and substrate cleanliness as specified. Equipment is hooked up to a dust collector that can easily provide the use of HEPA filtration for lead abatement of large areas.

Offshore Platforms, Dock/Pier and Underwater Inspection and Coating Services

JT THORPE employs certified divers, inspectors and qualified underwater coatings repair installers to work in the challenging wet environment of off-shore platforms, docks/piers, underwater inspection of pylons, and potable water tanks while full and in operation.

JT THORPE installs scaffolding, suspended platforms and rigging in wet environments. We access and encapsulate hard to reach areas to perform inspection and repairs while simultaneously protecting the surrounding environment from contamination.

NACE Inspections

JT THORPE provides certified NACE coatings inspectors as needed to fulfill daily QC reports and final project reports on project applications.  

JT THORPE offers our clients coatings and linings recommendations per equipment needs and maintenance painting plant surveys performed by certified NACE coatings inspectors and certified SSPC C-2 “Specifying and Managing Protective Coatings Projects” .   

Other Coatings Services

Steam cleaning, hydroblasting, concrete and steel resurfacing, substrate decontamination, temperature/humidity control, shrink wrap Encapsulations, Confined Space Emergency Rescue, Grit Blasting and Coatings for Plant Turnarounds/Shutdowns/Outages.

JT THORPE is constantly developing and adding new state of the art equipment and materials. You can be assured the optimal materials will be presented for your review and we ensure that they will be properly installed.

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