JT THORPE is your trusted partner for comprehensive solutions in refractory, fireproofing, insulation, and more. With over 100 years of industry experience, we deliver exceptional results with unmatched expertise and commitment to quality.


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Platinum Safety Award from NIA, 5 years running

Industrial Insulation Services

Expert Solutions for Cost-Effective Insulation

At JT THORPE, we specialize in industrial insulation for piping and mechanical equipment. Our experienced crews deliver cost-effective solutions with rigorous standards, using high-quality materials tailored to your specific needs.

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We Specialize In


Mineral Wool, Calcium Silicate, Aerogels, Fiberglass, Foam Glass, Polyurethane.

Process Piping & Equipment

Expert insulation solutions for process piping and equipment.

Turbine Blankets & Removable Covers

Custom turbine blankets and removable covers for efficient insulation.

Metal Siding

Insulation services for metal siding installations.

Corrosion under Insulation CUI

Solutions to prevent corrosion under insulation.


Effective firestop solutions for enhanced safety.

Heat Tracing

Heat tracing systems for temperature maintenance and energy efficiency.

Spray Foam

Professional spray foam insulation for superior thermal performance.


Insulation expertise in cryogenic environments.

Energy Audits

Comprehensive energy audits to optimize insulation and energy efficiency.

Soundproofing and Acoustical Absorption

Soundproofing solutions and acoustical absorption materials for noise control.


Enhance Your Efficiency and Cost Savings with Our Insulation Solutions

Insulation Industries


We lead the way in refractory lining installations, innovative solutions, and process optimization for the refining industry, setting the global benchmark for excellence.

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Petrochemical & Chemical

As the largest refractory contractor in North America, we offer comprehensive solutions for the petrochemical and chemical industries, focusing on safety, quality, and reliability.

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Our comprehensive refractory solutions cover various applications in the steel industry, including installation, repairs, and design and engineering services.

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Industrial Metals

With an extensive portfolio of refractory solutions, we deliver value and project success for the industrial metals industry.

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Cement & Lime

As a trusted partner in the cement industry, we provide comprehensive refractory services, delivering value and reliability.

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With expertise in design, engineering, and construction for power plants, we optimize shutdowns and provide comprehensive refractory services to the power industry.

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Pulp & Paper

Rely on JT THORPE for reliable soft craft services that cater to the pulp and paper industry. Our skilled construction teams are experienced in providing maintenance, outage support, and capital project services.

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JT THORPE Company is actively shaping a better tomorrow through our commitment to safety, project management, and comprehensive services.

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Safety and project management are at the core of JT THORPE Company's service offerings, which include fireproofing, scaffolding, insulation, refractory, and coatings.

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