Do you have fireproofing that is in need of repair? JT THORPE offers a systematic evaluation of your plant infrastructure and provides experienced inspectors dedicated to your facility.

Following completion of the assessment we provide a report with

evaluation findings, root causes and a detailed repair plan. JT THORPE  offers a turnkey approach to evaluate and repair your fireproofing so you can rest assured the fireproofing will perform its function.

Fireproofing Assessment & Evaluation

The assessment is capable of inspecting an entire plant or specific areas based on client needs. JT THORPE will identify current fireproofing condition on supplied drawings that detail location and severity of compromised fireproofing along with a corrosion under fireproofing assessment. The findings are summarized based on severity and client demands. JT THORPE will suggest repair work scope with removal and application procedures.


Fireproofing Remediation, Maintenance & Repairs

JT THORPE provides repair and budgetary options for the areas identified in the assessment report. Common options include:

  • Localized like-for-like replacement
  • Complete removal and replacement
  • Replacement with upgraded fireproofing system
  • Repairs to combat corrosion under fireproofing

JT THORPE works closely with you to develop a scope and schedule to minimize risk, meet schedule and reduce budgetary impact.


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