JT THORPE installs fireproofing on modules in our shops or your module yard. No matter the size of module or project JT THORPE has you covered. JT THORPE has over 50 field crews available to complete on-site fireproofing at module yards or you can take advantage of our shop capabilities.

JT THORPE shops are strategically located near major highways,

 train/rail yards and a barge slip with the capability to process pre-assembled modules weighing up to 50 tons and spanning 85 feet long.  JT THORPE offers our unique cost savings option of “stick to modular” that provides our clients a turnkey solution: send us individual “stick” steel members and we will handle all aspects of bolt assembly, surface prep, fireproof coatings and delivery of completed modular frames to your final destination.

Fireproofing Modules in JT THORPE Shop

JT THORPE has the capability to process pre-assembled modules weighing 50 tons and spanning up to 85 feet long. JT THORPE has comprehensive experience with applying shop fireproofing systems to all module types. “Stick to Modular” is a unique JT THORPE cost savings solution: send us individual stick steel and we will bolt assemble, surface prep, fireproof and deliver completed modules to your final destination. If you can ship it, we can fireproof it in our shop.

Module Yard Fireproofing

JT THORPE applies fireproofing at module yards across the United States as follows:

  • Fireproofing of stick steel at JT THORPE shop followed by field joints (tie-ins) at the module yard
  • All fireproofing at module yard including stick steel at grade followed by field joints after assembly
  • Field joints in the module yard

Environmental protection can be provided to ensure schedule and quality is maintained, regardless of the location or time of year.

Fireproofing Types

Fireproofing types that are applied to pre-assembled modules include:

  • Epoxy Intumescent UL 1709:
    • Chartek
    • Intertherm (Cryogenic)
    • Thermo-lag
    • Jotachar
    • Firetex
  • Epoxy Intumescent UL 263:
    • Interchar
    • Thermo-lag
  • Acrylic Intumescent UL 263:
    • Interchar
    • Firetex
    • Albi Clad
  • Dense concrete (various grades)
  • Modified lightweight concrete
  • Custom concrete mix designs
  • Lightweight cementitious
    • Pyrocrete
    • Fendolite
  • Interkote

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