JT THORPE uses hundreds of years of practical experience in combination with fundamental engineering principles to solve challenging problems.

Early in the design and engineering phase, before your project has started, JT THORPE provides all-important consultation to offer competent solutions consistent with your needs.

For most projects, engineered drawings are produced containing detailed instructions on material selection and construction methods.

JT THORPE incorporates detailed installation procedures to insure compliance with design specifications, to help control costs, to reduce on-site construction time and to assure quality control.

Refractory Design

Refractory design requires a thorough understanding of the refractory lining purpose and anticipated process conditions. JT THORPE uses over 100 years of experience to select the best materials to meet the demands of your process. JT THORPE designs refractory anchoring systems, performs structural analysis of metallic supports and heat transfer calculations. We design linings to ensure your plant is operating at peak performance.

Heat Transfer Calculations

JT THORPE Engineers perform Heat Transfer Analysis to ensure you have the optimal lining installed for your needs. JT THORPE developed a proprietary heat transfer program that includes a database of refractory materials and refractory properties. All JT THORPE Project Managers have access to this program, and can quickly analyze your heat transfer cases for any brand of material. JT THORPE helps customers reduce costs through more efficient linings.

Refractory Drawings – CAD

JT THORPE differentiates itself from all other refractory contractors in North America because of its superior and extensive engineering and design capabilities. CAD is essential for design and communication on every project. JT THORPE is fully capable of providing CAD refractory drawings for your project. Whether upgrading an existing lining design, engineering a simple fix or creating a complete new lining system, we have you covered.

Refractory Failure Analysis

JT THORPE sends engineers to your plant to inspect refractory lined equipment and manage a refractory failure analysis. Recommendations from the failure analysis can be implemented quickly by JT THORPE to get your plant back online. Whether it is a thermal mechanical issue, installation problem, startup/dryout issue or a material problem, JT THORPE has the experience and engineering expertise to analyze and solve your refractory failure.

Material Specifications

Need help determining what materials to utilize? JT THORPE supplies refractory materials for all industries and can help you with material specifications and material quality control. JT THORPE brings its technical knowledge, knowledge of product availability and experience to each project. When no specification is in place, JT THORPE initiates the specification process by choosing a quality material/product and confirming that it performs “as advertised.”

Refractory Inspection

JT THORPE regularly inspects refractory linings for our customers and provides detailed inspection reports and recommendations. JT THORPE has more employees certified by the American Petroleum Institute for API-936 (Refractory Practitioner Certification) than any other company worldwide. Recommendations from these inspections can be implemented quickly by JT THORPE Project Managers to get your plant back online.

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