JT THORPE engineers understand the unique challenges associated with reformer refractory design, installation and repair. Refractory linings in reformers are exposed to hydrogen, steam, high pressures, high temperatures and structural loads to brick linings and masonry catalyst support domes. Special attention to detail with regards to material selection, method of installation and dryout procedures are all critical to the performance of the refractory linings in reformers. JT THORPE has experience in hydrogen, ammonia and methanol reformers.

Petrochemical/Refinery Reformers

A reformer in an oil refinery provides valuable high-octane feedstocks to the gasoline blend as well as exporting much needed hydrogen for the hydrocrackers. These processing plants are also referred to as the platformer, rheniformer, ultraformer, powerformer, and continuous catalyst reformer (CCR).

Oil refineries depend on the hydrogen reformer and pre-reformer to provide hydrogen for hydrocrackers and hydrotreaters. The hydrogen reformer also exports high pressure steam for process heating and for powering pumps and compressors throughout the oil refinery.


Ammonia Reformers

Demand for fertilizer has been increasing worldwide and there has been a recent surge of ammonia synthesis plants built or revamped in the United States to meet demand. Fertilizer production plants have primary and secondary reformers that require specialized refractory linings. JT THORPE have experience with new construction, relines and repairs of the following:

  •         Primary reformer
  •         Secondary reformer
  •         Transfer line
  •         Process gas Ccoler

Hydrogen Transfer Line Fabrication and Refractory Lining

JT THORPE performs engineering, design, fabrication and refractory lining of hydrogen transfer lines for hydrogen and ammonia service. JT THORPE offers proprietary engineering and design fixes to eliminate failures.

Secondary Reformer Dome Fabrication and Installation

JT THORPE is set apart in the refractory industry with our ability to provide turnkey dome solutions. Whether you require a like in-kind dome or want to explore a dome upgrade we have the resources and experience available in-house to fabricate and install your dome. Our engineers will review your reformer specifications and tailor the dome design to meet your specific throughput and support requirements. JT THORPE offers industry leading turnaround time in both design and fabrication of the dome parts. We fire all dome components, mock the dome up in our facility to ensure the correct size and fit, match mark all pieces and provide custom fit installation cribbing. We have trained, quality, experienced crafts people available 24/7 to install our domes in your facility.