JT THORPE offers unparalleled capability in the design, fabrication and installation of refractory pre-cast shapes. We have three state-of-the-art facilities with a combined 78,000 Sf dedicated to the manufacture of pre-cast shapes to meet your needs. Through professional cooperation with material suppliers, JT THORPE offers a complete package for your pre-cast needs, from design and production through supply, installation and maintenance.

Precast Shapes

  • Kiln lifter fabrication
  • Kiln heat exchangers: Fabrication of tri-foils, pre-foils and quad-foils
  • Burner tile
  • Reformer domes
  • Special shapes for the steel, power, industrial metals and chemical marketplace

Fast, Quality Turnkey Solutions

JT THORPE stud welding utilizes computer controlled inverters to produce a repeatable, constant amperage arc weld. This means that every anchor is welded the exact same way nearly eliminating pickups to less than 1%. By replacing traditional boiler studs with nutted v-anchors with a single piece v-anchor stud, JT THORPE offers improved strength and faster installation rates for v-anchor up to and including 5/16” diameter. The single piece v-anchors test at >90,000 psi during overhead pull testing, well above the minimum 30,000 psi required for the weld.