JT THORPE is the industry expert in the supply and application of lightweight cementitious fireproofing. JT THORPE is a qualified applicator for all lightweight cementitious fireproofing products. Maintaining the largest pool of fireproofing equipment and certified applicators has been key to the continued success of both JT THORPE and our customers.

JT THORPE provides turnkey solutions to any industrial lightweight cementitious fireproofing project. Our environmentally controlled shops located throughout the country allow us to complete shop fireproofing projects on schedule and with the highest quality.

JT THORPE performs lightweight cementitious field fireproofing for both maintenance and capital projects with crew sizes varying from 2 to 300 employees and project durations ranging from 1 week to multiple years.   

JT THORPE retains full-time NACE certified QC technicians and has a robust QC program ensuring we always meet industry standards including NACE, SSPC, AWCI and API. No matter where your project is located, JT THORPE has you covered for both shop and field lightweight cementitious fireproofing.

Lightweight Cementitious Fireproofing Product Types

JT THORPE is a certified applicator of all major types of lightweight cementitious fireproofing products for both shop and field application. Our lightweight cementitious fireproofing systems provide pool fire, jet fire and/or cryogenic spill protection. Certified products include:

  • Carboline pyrocrete product lines
  • Isolatek fendolite product lines
  • International interkote product lines

Lightweight Cementitious Fireproofing Shop Application

JT THORPE has fireproofing shops strategically located around the country to install any type of lightweight cementitious fireproofing. Installation methods include scratch and brown and spray applied. Installation details such as chamfers, contour, boxed and anchoring system can be adjusted to meet any specification. JT THORPE shops have the capability to process stick or pre-assembled modules weighing up to 50 tons and 85 feet long.

Lightweight Fireproofing Field Application

JT THORPE is an established leader of lightweight cementitious field fireproofing installation for structural steel, vessel skirts and equipment. With over 50 field crews varying from 2 to 300 employees and durations ranging from one week to multi-year mega projects, JT THORPE performs both maintenance and capital work. Services include removal of existing, surface prep, containment, scaffolding, application via spray or trowel, sealing and QC.

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