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Fireproofing Assessment

Fireproofing Assessment and Repair Services

Evaluating, Repairing, and Maintaining Fireproofing for Optimal Protection

Trust our team to conduct a comprehensive fireproofing assessment of your plant infrastructure, providing expert inspectors dedicated to evaluating the condition of your fireproofing system. Our turnkey approach ensures a thorough evaluation, detailed repair plan, and effective remediation, guaranteeing the performance of your fireproofing.

Fireproofing Assessment

Our assessment covers the entire plant or specific areas as per your requirements, identifying compromised fireproofing and assessing corrosion beneath it. Based on the severity and your demands, we provide a detailed summary with repair recommendations and removal/application procedures.

Fireproofing Remediation and Repairs

JT THORPE offers a range of repair options based on the assessment report, including like-for-like replacement, complete removal and replacement, upgrading fireproofing systems, and addressing corrosion issues. We work closely with you to develop a scope and schedule that minimizes risk, meets deadlines, and optimizes your budget.

Request a consultation and let our experienced team safeguard your fireproofing integrity.

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