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Fireproof Coatings & Surface Prep

Fireproofing Coatings and Surface Prep

Ensuring System Integrity and Longevity

Trust our team for expert surface preparation and coatings to enhance the durability and longevity of your fireproofing system. We offer comprehensive solutions, whether in our shop or on-site, meeting industry standards and project specifications.

Fireproofing Surface Prep Shop

You can trust us for expert surface preparation in our shop, utilizing Wheelabrator or hand blast techniques. We prime steel immediately after cleaning, preventing rust formation and ensuring high-quality results.

Fireproofing Surface Prep Field

Our team excels in field surface preparation for fireproofing and coatings, offering a range of methods such as grinding, hand tool prep, and wet or dry sandblasting. Count on our expertise to meet all project requirements.

Paint Systems

We deliver comprehensive painting solutions for fireproofing systems, including primers, epoxies, zinc-rich coatings, intermediate layers, topcoats, and seal coats. Our diverse paint systems provide optimal protection and durability.

Fireproofing Quality Assurance

With full-time NACE-certified technicians and a robust QC program, we ensure industry-standard compliance in fireproofing and coatings. Our meticulous QC process guarantees surface cleanliness, proper curing, and precise application, resulting in successful installations.

Take the first step towards superior fireproofing and coatings for your project by contacting our team today.

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