JT THORPE has a dedicated FCC Group that is staffed with project managers, engineers, superintendents, and craftsmen that specialize in FCCs. Our FCC Group works throughout the country in over 20% of the FCCs in the United States. The project management team understands the intricacies of coordinating with mechanical

contractors across multiple work fronts of an FCC to expedite installation of a quality lining. Usually JT THORPE starts out as critical path and many times moves off that critical path line by prioritizing critical work paths and capitalizing on simultaneous work opportunities with other craft.

FCC Units

  • Demolition of existing linings including:
    • Hydro demolition of riser lines
    • Specialty robotic demolition of riser line wye
  • Anchor system welding including stick and stud welding
  • Stud welded hex mesh
  • Pneumatically gunned or shotcrete linings
  • Vibration cast or pump cast lining
  • Pneumatically rammed linings
  • Prefabricated assemblies
  • QA/QC Program (API 936 certified)
  • Turnaround and project planning


Anchor & Stud Welding

Turnarounds Made Easy

JT THORPE reduces FCC turnaround durations using innovative installation methods, seasoned craft and the latest technologies. Discovery inspections can be a very tense phase of FCC shutdowns because the potential for unplanned repairs is always a concern. With JT THORPE, clients can rest easy knowing that the large available manpower source allows for quick mobilization to respond to dramatic scope change without impacting their planned oil in and start up dates.

"JT THORPE performs more FCC turnarounds than any other refractory contractor in North America."

— John Avery

DXT Corp.