JT THORPE’s approach to safety called Beyond Zero Harm is a revolutionary, proactive, industry-leading safety initiative.

How does Beyond Zero work? It starts with who we involve in our safety culture—who participates. The answer is “everyone.” From upper management to every craftsman and field worker, every JT THORPE employee begins their day with safety. At the start of each day everyone completes a FLASH card identifying WHY they are safe, the tasks they will be performing, the hazards associated with those tasks and the steps they will

take to mitigate those hazards. Management leads the culture,
and every employee participates in acknowledging the daily acts that encourage the entire JT THORPE team to put safety first. At JT THORPE we understand safety begins with developing the individual. The efforts, resources and people that make Beyond Zero Harm a reality represent the core of JT THORPE’s culture.

First-of-its-Kind Mobile Safety App

In order to facilitate company-wide participation in a proactive safety culture, we implemented the JT THORPE Mobile Safety App. The JT THORPE team uses the app to fill out mobile FLASH Cards and to acknowledge safety efforts they witness everyday.

The app enables management to track real-time safety efforts and reward employees accordingly as well as fill out JHA forms and perform supervisor audits. The JT THORPE Mobile Safety App is just one of the initiatives that represents our innovation and leadership in safety.


At JT THORPE we establish and nurture a culture that focuses on people, that’s why our FLASH cards start with the question “Why am I safe today?”. The FLASH cards continue by identifying the tasks to be completed that day, the hazards associated with those tasks and the controls to use to mitigate those hazards. JT THORPE’s management team acknowledges FLASH safety successes on a daily basis. We attribute our safety success to our culture of Beyond Zero Harm along with our ability to track FLASH cards in real-time via our proprietary mobile safety app and dashboard.


Each JT THORPE crew on all JT THORPE  projects complete and post a JHA daily. The purpose of the JHA is to ensure every worker understands the tasks at hand, the hazards associated with those tasks and the controls to use to mitigate those hazards. The JHA preparation is just one tool that enables JT THORPE to have an industry leading safety culture and safety record.  

Annual Safety Training

In order to unify our safety culture and provide relevant training, we conduct an annual safety training covering nearly 25 relevant safety topics. During the training the JT THORPE team takes written tests to affirm their knowledge of the learned safety practices. The team also participates in hands-on live training to ensure they are trained properly and understand the correct safety procedures – especially for new specialty equipment.

The Silica Standard

We are prepared for the new OSHA Silica Standard. JT THORPE reduces team member exposure to airborne crystalline silica to below the PEL through engineering, work method, administrative controls and job specific protection plans. JT THORPE safety practices safeguard its employees and customers against the hazards of Silica.

"The JT THORPE team did exactly what they said they would do and responded very well to requests. The Safety and Quality of work was Excellent."

— Anonymous




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