JT THORPE is proud to be the industry expert in the supply and application of intumescent fireproofing coatings. JT THORPE is a top tier applicator for all major Epoxy intumescent fireproofing materials. We maintain the largest pool of latest generation plural application equipment and certified intumescent applicators to aid the success of our customers.

JT THORPE retains full-time NACE certified QC technicians and has a robust QC program ensuring we always meet all industry standards required including NACE, SSPC, AWCI and API. We provide robust quality control program which is critical to a successful intumescent application. JT THORPE safely and successfully installs over one million square feet of quality intumescent fireproofing systems annually.

Intumescent Product Types

JT THORPE is a certified applicator of intumescent fireproofing in industrial and commercial markets. JT THORPE shop and field applied fireproofing systems will provide pool fire, jet fire and/or cryogenic spill protection:

  • Epoxy Intumescent UL 1709 Series:
    • Chartek
    • Intertherm (Cryogenic)
    • Thermo-lag
    • Jotachar
    • Firetex
  • Epoxy Intumescent UL 263 Series:
    • Interchar
    • Thermo-lag
  • Acrylic Intumescent UL 263 Series:
    • Interchar
    • Firetex
    • Albi Clad

Intumescent Shop Application

JT THORPE’s world class shop application process results in significant cost and schedule savings. Shop application is critical for projects in the LNG, petrochemical, refining and commercial markets that utilize intumescent fireproofing.

JT THORPE maintains 4 strategically located and environmentally controlled fireproofing facilities. Our largest facility is capable of a standard fireproofing production of over 30,000 SF per week.

Intumescent Field Application

JT THORPE is an established leader of intumescent field fireproofing installation for structural steel joints, vessel skirts and equipment. With over 50 field crews varying from 2 to 300 employees and project durations ranging from one week to multi-year mega projects, JT THORPE performs both maintenance and capital work. Services include scaffolding, removal of existing, surface prep, containment, QC, fireproof and coatings application.

Cryogenic Intumescent Protection

There are several products in the market that can provide cryogenic spill protection (CSP), and JT THORPE has extensive experience installing both. The CSP products fall into two main categories:

  • Syntactic Epoxy Foam – Provides standalone CSP and must be used in a duplex CSP/intumescent system
  • Intumescent Epoxy CSP – Provides both CSP and fire protection as a function of total thickness

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