Surface preparation and coatings are critical to the overall integrity of any fireproofing system. JT THORPE provides the required surface preparation to black steel (typical SSPC-SP6/SP10) and to galvanized steel (typical SSPC-SP7/SP16). JT THORPE applies primers, intermediate coats, seal coats, and top coats to ensure a long lasting fireproofing system.

From Surface Preparation to blasting and painting, JT THORPE has you covered. JT THORPE can surface prep from SSPC-SP1 SSPC-SP16, and paint one coat to multi-coat systems to meet your project specifications. We meet your needs in a shop environment or take our services on the road for field application.

Fireproofing Surface Prep Shop

JT THORPE performs surface prep by wheelabrator or hand blast for all shop fireproofing projects. For larger black steel projects, JT THORPE processes 200 tons of steel weekly by wheelabrator. For smaller projects, modules or galvanized steel hand blasting is performed. Priming of freshly cleaned steel is performed immediately in an adjacent building ensuring no chance of rust formation between blasting and priming.

Fireproofing Surface Prep Field

JT THORPE performs all types of cleaning and surface preparation work required for field fireproofing and coatings applications. This includes grinding, hand tool surface prep, power tool surface prep, concrete patch work and wet or dry sand blasting to meet site environmental requirements. You can be sure JT THORPE is capable of performing the proper surface preparation to meet any project requirements.

Paint Systems

JT THORPE provides all painting components of a fireproofing system. Whether its primer only or multi-coat systems, JT THORPE has you covered. These paint systems may contain any or all of the following:

  • Primer
    • Epoxys
    • Zinc rich
    • Inorganic Zinc
    • Tie-coats
  • Intermediate
    • Epoxys
  • Topcoats
    • Polyurethane
    • Seal coats
  • Vinyl esters

Fireproofing Quality Assurance

JT THORPE retains full-time NACE certified technicians and has a robust QC program that ensures we always meet industry standards. Our QC program is absolutely critical to successful fireproofing and coatings applications. JT THORPE QC technicians ensure required surface cleanliness and profile are obtained. Ambient conditions and curing times are monitored prior to applying the next coating to ensure your product is properly installed.

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