JT THORPE is the industry leader for refractory anchor welding technology providing you with high quality and low costs. Our welders stick and stud weld refractory anchors on more than 50 certified weld procedures for both NBIC code and conventional repair needs. We build detailed installation procedures to insure compliance with design specifications, minimize weld pickups, reduce on-site construction time and assure quality control of all  refractory anchor welding.

Stick Welded Refractory Anchors

JT THORPE has certified welders qualified on more than 50 JT THORPE weld procedures. Our welders specialize in solely refractory anchor welding installing at faster production rates than normal welders. Our internal QC and CWI’s ensure that you have weld maps, weld traceability, welder qualifications and mill certs for every welding job.

  • V-anchors
  • Hexmesh
  • Flexmesh
  • Hex cells
  • Monster tabs
  • Radius and punch tabs
  • Dual component systems
  • Stainless welding
  • Inconel welding

Stud Welding Faster, Stronger V- Anchors

JT THORPE stud welding utilizes computer controlled inverters to produce a repeatable constant amperage arc weld. This means that every anchor is welded the exact same way, nearly eliminating pickups to less than 1%. By replacing traditional boiler studs with nutted v-anchors with a single piece v-anchor stud, JT THORPE offers improved strength and faster installation rates for v-anchor up to and including 5/16” diameter. The single piece v-anchors test at >90,000 psi during overhead pull testing, well above the minimum 30,000 psi required for the weld.

Stud Welded Hex Mesh

With literally millions of studs shot, we are leveraging our experience to evolve stud welding technology. JT THORPE developed a proprietary form of stud welded hex mesh, the JT THORPE Hex Alt Stud. Unlike other stud welding options, JT THORPE Hex Alt Studs maintain the same geometry and versatility as hex mesh.

  • Cyclone walls
  • Gas tubes
  • Steam distribution rings
  • Air grids
  • Severe/coking service
  • Erosion resistant lining

NBIC Code Weld Repairs

JT THORPE is a qualified member of NBIC and holds the valid R stamp required for ASME code welding repairs. JT THORPE supplies certified welders in accordance with NBIC and ASME requirements. Our welders are qualified on more than 50 JT THORPE weld procedures.

Safer Stainles Welding

IH sample results of JT THORPE stainless stud welding (0.000029mg/M3) are well below exposure limits the Cal/OSHA hexavalent chromium limit of 0.005mg/M3.