JT THORPE provides a wide range of high quality, low cost custom fabricated equipment for the industrial market.

JT THORPE’s Fabrication Division supplies high quality ASME Section VIII Division 1 and ASME B31.3 equipment to the industrial marketplace. JT THORPE has multiple fabrication locations throughout the United States and the ability to ship worldwide by sea, rail and truck. JT THORPE offers the following products:

  • FCCU vessels, internals and transfer lines
  • Sulfur recovery units: reaction furnaces, reactors, and claus units
  • Hydrogen and ammonia transfer lines
  • Hydrogen reformers/ammonia reformers (primary and secondary): modular construction
  • Furnace modules: convection & radiant sections
  • Non-refractory lined pressure vessels, API tanks, stacks, pipe spools and ducting
  • Heat exchangers: pillboxes and bundles
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Acid Resistant Linings

JT THORPE has a proud and rich heritage of superior masonry dating back to its founding in 1906. Over a hundred years later, JT THORPE is still the industry leader in acid brick installation. JT THORPE has extensive experience in the application of conventional acid resistant coatings. We incorporate detailed installation procedures, design specifications and quality control measures into each and every project, no matter how large or small, to ensure the installation meets our and the customer’s requirements.


JT THORPE specializes in the design and safe installation of concrete systems for all of your needs. We provide a wide variety of services including flatwork, foundations, formwork, rebar installation, grouting, pump casting, shotcrete and rehabilitation of concrete structures and foundations.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics

JT THORPE offers field services, fabrication and engineering for fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP). Field services include inspection, maintenance, installation, panel linings and spray on linings. Fabrication includes piping, ducting, vessels and liners. Engineering includes specifications, material selection and design.

Carbon Fiber Wrap Installation

JT THORPE provides a wide range of engineered solutions to repair aging and problematic infrastructure including concrete columns, beam supports, risers and steel beams.

JT THORPE is an industry leader in the installation of carbon fiber wrap systems. Carbon fiber wrap systems offer many advantages when retrofitting aging infrastructure including:

  • 10X tensile strength of steel
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Speed of installation (often during operation)
  • 70% – 80% cost savings over alternatives

Carbon fiber wrap systems can restore the integrity of structural elements battered by environmental exposure and vibration.


JT THORPE handles industrial insulation of all piping and other mechanical equipment. We understand the importance of this cost-saving procedure: properly installed insulation directly affects your bottom line. Here at JT THORPE we have rigorous standards for our insulation work. As with everything, we use only the highest quality materials rated and customized for our customers’ specific needs.

Our expert crews are trained in cryogenic, temperature and extreme heat insulation procedures. After carefully reviewing your company’s needs, we provide the safest, most cost-effective solution for your business.


JT THORPE’s rigorous safety and training programs ensure that all customers receive undeniably secure, high-quality scaffolding. Due to extensive training and knowledge of the work to be completed our workers constantly outperform the competition. We erect our scaffolding faster, we teardown and reassemble more efficiently and we maintain the highest level of safety at all times. We provide scaffolds for both maintenance and capital projects to support JT THORPE’s work.

High Emissivity Coatings

JT THORPE specializes in the design, supply, and safe installation of high emissivity coatings. If you are looking to increase your operational efficiencies and productivity through reduced fuel consumption, reduced hot spots, reduced exterior temperature or extend the life of your ceramic fiber linings, then JT THORPE can provide a cost effective high emissivity coatings solution that will provide a return on investment and exceed your expectations.

Safety Attendants

JT THORPE provides your job site with Safety Attendants: highly trained workers to stand watch at confined spaces, with welders, on hole and bottle watch. All our Safety Attendants are rigorously trained and extremely qualified. Our employees make safety a way of life.

Pulp & Paper

A market leader for over a century, JT THORPE is your turnkey contractor for vat tile, acid brick lining and refractory construction and repairs. We also provide concrete restoration and inspection services to the pulp and paper industry. Partner with us for unsurpassed quality and safety on your project.

Vat tile and acid brick lining construction and repairs of:

  • Paper machine chests
  • Stock storage vessels
  • HD tanks
  • Bleaching towers
  • Washer vats
  • Caustic tanks
  • White liquor tanks
  • Acid containments
  • Caustic sewers, sumps, and U-drains
  • Inserts and manways
  • Membranes and coatings

Refractory construction and repairs of:

  • Lime sludge kilns
  • Recovery boilers
  • Power boilers
  • Hog fuel boilers

Concrete restoration

  • Concrete remediation
  • Cathodic installations
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Carbon fiber engineering and
  • installation

Inspection services

  • Concrete, brick, and tile lined vessel
  • inspections
  • Drone inspections for stacks, boilers,
  • sewers, and HD tanks
  • Boiler refractory inspections
  • Lime kiln refractory inspections