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QC and Inspection

Quality control is essential to achieve the desired “finished product” and long term success of the installation. Another differentiation of J.T. Thorpe & Son, Inc. is the “finished product” it provides.

JTT has an extensive quality control program. Everyone participates in this program from the JTT project manager to the mixer men. Quality control begins at the supervisor level, but this program is executed by the workers in the field.

JTT does not wish to use outside inspection companies to perform our quality control. JTT performs quality control on its own work and that is the basis for any successful Quality Control Program. However, JTT encourages customers to use outside inspection companies to verify their quality control program and verify their detailed documentation.



  • Assignment of responsibilities
  • Pre-qualification of materials
  • Pre-qualification of crews
  • Compliance data determination
  • Mixing logs
  • Hold points
  • Mapping of installation batches
  • Production sampling
  • Final reports

The quality control program holds the J.T. Thorpe & Son, Inc. project team responsible, from the Project Manager to the installer.

JTT has project managers and engineers with over 450 years of refractory experience. JTT has more engineers and project managers on staff than any other Refractory Contractor in North America. Also, JTT has twenty three API certified managers/engineers on staff. API RP 936 is entitled "Refractory Installation Quality Control Guidelines - Inspection and Testing Monolithic Refractory Linings and Materials" and can be found as a link on this website.

JTT is often called upon to perform inspections. However, JTT does not wish to inspect other contractors' work within the United States.

JTT will provide detailed inspection reports of our work and make recommendations for our customers. Included in these reports are details of work that has been performed, often including photographs, and recommendations for the future.