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Industrial Fireproofing

J.T. Thorpe & Son, Inc. provides a wide range of engineered solutions to meet industrial fireproofing needs, on schedule, with high quality and low costs.

Pyrocrete / Chartek / Thermolag 3000 / Cementitious / Concrete

JTT is the premier industrial fireproofing contractor. It specializes in the design and safe installation of all available industrial fireproofing systems. JTT’s quality control program - combined with our skilled team of professional craftsmen - allows us to consistently deliver an unmatched final product. We evaluate each individual job and develop a work plan to ensure a safe working environment. We complete both large and small projects on a daily basis.

The unique industrial experience of our diverse JTT engineering team allows JTT to provide alternative design options for both installation methods and anchoring types. We provide a cost efficient installation approach to difficult structural geometry or simple structural field joints. We have provided unique reinforced composite solutions for special high-impact needs. No matter how small or large the project, J.T. Thorpe & Son, Inc. is committed to providing a safe and efficient solution. All of our US offices are equipped to handle any field or shop fireproofing needs.

In 2015, JTT opened state of the art fireproofing shops in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. These shops have the size and ability to handle large (100,000 + square foot) projects.

Let J.T. Thorpe & Son, Inc. provide you with engineered industrial fireproofing solutions today.

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