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Refractory Construction

Proper refractory construction is critical for preserving our customers’ valuable industrial process equipment for the longest possible period. JTT is the premier industrial refractory construction leader because of its quality staff, numerous locations, access to equipment, and close communication with customers. Working with JTT, a customer will maximize its goals and the value of its investment.

JTT offers high standards of safety, quality and technical excellence. Its design services, project management, safety training, and high quality workmanship result in a quality product produced in a timely manner; which is why JTT leads the refractory industry.

JTT has access to the largest skilled refractory workforce in the United States. Its superior project management, large manpower and specialized supervision provide all the tools necessary to meet the desired project schedule while ensuring the highest quality installation.


Safety is a core value at JTT. JTT maintains an excellent safety record in the industry. Each of our employees receive extensive safety training, including general, task-related, site specific, and customer-based management risk training. Pre-job and on-going daily hazard analysis are performed for each job site and communicated to JTT employees.

JTT also has a detailed Industrial Hygiene (IH) program that is unparalleled in the refractory industry. This IH program insures that all JTT employees are properly protected, which in turn protects the customer and facility owners from future potential liabilities.


JTT realizes that using incorrect or substandard equipment may not only negatively affect the quality of work and the customer’s schedule, but it can also be unsafe. JTT buys only the best equipment with the latest, most efficient technology, and maintains it for optimum performance. In fact, each regional office has a full-time mechanic to keep JTT’s equipment in proper working condition.