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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

JTT differentiates itself from all other refractory contractors in North America because of its superior and extensive engineering and design capabilities. CAD is essential for design and communication in today's modern and technological world. Not only is CAD quick and efficient, but CAD files can be transmitted electronically to the field and to our customers. Most JTT project managers and engineers can access CAD drawings electronically from remote sites.

Currently, JTT has two CAD Operation Departments; one located in Northern CA, and the second Pittsburgh, PA. The departments work independently, but when necessary can be called upon as a group to support large technical projects or to meet quick project deadlines.

JTT has a standard operating procedure for all of its CAD work. This allows for easy and consistent transmission of information between offices and to JTT’s customers.

JTT not only builds new plants but also maintains existing ones. JTT uses AutoCAD for all of its new and existing plant refractory designs. JTT is often hired to modify existing plant refractory lining designs. All detailed changes of the existing unit will be shown on the CAD drawing. CAD is often used to illustrate the constructability of different projects and to present different design options to JTT customers.

On certain large projects, JTT has created websites / FTP sites to allow ease of access JTT drawings for its customers. For complex design projects, this allows for using real-time changes and comments.