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About Us


JTT was founded in 1906 following the great earthquake in San Francisco, CA. The early years consisted primarily of commercial work. In 1908, JTT built its first industrial furnace at Standard Oil in Richmond, CA. For years JTT performed industrial work in refineries, power plants and on ships only in the Bay Area, servicing them out of its Emeryville, CA office. A relatively small crew of workers worked in this region for years on these accounts, rarely venturing outside of the Bay Area, and periodically increased its manpower for the construction of new facilities (mostly refineries or power plants) in Northern CA. During the 1980’s, JTT’s engineering department became more significant and increased its design-build project work while continuing to perform maintenance work. In 1988, JTT moved from Emeryville to Richmond to better accommodate local refineries. At that time, about 75% of the business was maintaining local refineries.

In the early 1990’s, JTT began to diversify – working in a larger geographic area and expanding its industrial market base. JTT opened an office in Los Angeles in 1991 and Tucson and Salt Lake City offices in 1993. By the late 1990’s, JTT was performing capital and maintenance work all around the US and at several locations overseas.

In 2004, JTT opened an office in Maysville, Kentucky, to support the Lime and Power industries in that region. The Kentucky office now hosts a state-of-the-art precast shape shop.

In 2011, JTT started a Large Projects and T/A Group Division in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 2013, the expanding market and JTT’s demand resulted in JTT expanding again. Offices were opened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Chicago, Illinois. JTT also acquired the assets of VJ Mattson in Mokena, Illinois.

In 2014, at its Pittsburgh Office, JTT formed a Shop Fireproofing Division within the Large Projects Group to handle large capital shop fireproofing projects.

In January of 2015, JTT acquired the assets of Geo. P. Reintjes (GPR) and NUCO International Company. Many employees from the GPR Kansas City, Missouri office and the NUCO Fontana, California office were integrated into one of the existing JTT offices.

Today, JTT performs work nationwide in a multitude of industries, including refining, mineral processing, power, gasification, incineration, steel/metals, and petro-chemical. None of these industries contributes greater than 35% to JTT’s overall revenues. JTT continues to seek excellence through hiring and training highly motivated and talented employees to meet the industry it serves - striving for geographic and industrial market diversification in the refractory, acid resistant and fireproofing industries.